April 2018

Honeymoon Phase

24. april 2018 at 22:28 | Attic Monster |  My thoughts

I picked this topic just because receantly some things occured in my life and thanks to that I'd like to focus on some little text about it.

With relationship there comes love, friendship, trust, faith and many other. But that's what we see only at the start. Only during the honeymoon phase when we are blinded by the love and perfection of the other. Everything is like a dream. You see only them. Their smile, how they laugh, how they tell jokes...and the rest of the world just disappears. It's a lovely phase in any kind of relationship. You feel like this can never and end they make you feel like no other ever could.

But what happens when it ends?

The honeymoon can be a long period of time or it can be very short. In my oppinion it lasts longer when you are really in love with that person. The more passion, love and happiness you have in the relationship the longer it lasts. That's just Speaking from my experience. But I think it ends no matter how much love you share.
And honestly, for me it is a hard thing to cope with. I am a very romantic person and I make some ideals in my head. They totally work at the start. But then my dream just falls apart because I 'come together' and realize he is not the 'prince Charming' i thought he was. I was utter sad and everything was just plain miserable. Including my relationship with my loved one.
Looking back, I have to admit it is not easy with me when I'm getting used to the not so perfect prince Charming. I don't realize it until later. I blame him but never think about what I do/not do or how i changed. But that's where I was suppose to start. At myself. I ain't saying it was just my bad. We are both just people and we make mistakes. And we do them even when we are alone so how many of them do we do when we are suppose to cooperate with another human being?

I suppose, the key to a happy relationship is being open to each other. Especially during this part of the 'love story'. If one does too much it doesn't work as much as is nobody did nothing. It is important to listen and to think about actions and words you say, about little things you do.
Remember - little things are the number one thing that does the relationship beautiful.

And every step both of you take to make things pretty is a successful step to a long lasting relationship maybe leading to finding a soulmate for life.
It is worth trying. Because you don't know what you have until you lose it.