November 2017

You can't.

16. november 2017 at 18:28 | Attic Monster |  My thoughts
You can't.
A phrase we all probably heard in some point of time in their life. It hurts. It burns. It makes us sad.
You can't can be a phrase said to you from your parents when they are telling you you may not go out. You can't can also be a phrase you hear from your friends when you want to achieve something but the tell you, you are not capable to do so.
The time you hear it it hurts. But in the end it always turns out like a good thing it happend.

We all were mad when our parents told us we cannot go out. We were mad, yelling, screaming. Well...that might not be a very positive thing. But in the end it was for some reason. But this isn't why I'm writting this article.

My main idea of this text is to talk about the 'You can't' pharse telling you you are not able to do what you want.
Thinking back. Whenever someone told me i can't I was pretty disappointed. Well. Who wouldn't be right? But now I know words like these made me someone better and way way stronger. I become better at stuff when someone tells me I have no chance of achieving what I want. Hell yes I do! Just watch me work.
What is happening right now is the one thing that I want to talk about.

So, kinda all my life I've been interested in the military situation, wars, weapons...Nothing crazy. I was just interested. That also could've been seen on how I used to play with other kids. I need to mention I always played more with guys than girls. And when I did play with girls it always ended up me being a 'soldier' and taking care of them (they were my horses). But yes, I was a soldier and I was proud to call myself that and proud to protect someone. Time flew by and I dreamed of being an animal doctor. Sadly my experience with equestrian world made me disgusted. And since getting to the animal doc university is literally batshit crazy I was kinda forced to pick other options of schools.
As expected I picked normal human medicine. But one beautiful day 2 years ago I saw this video and it was about combat medics. I was like 'holy shitballs, that's what I want to do'.
Since then I started a little research how to do this and I found out we have a military medicine university (FVZ).

This is how I pretty much picked my maybe future career. All exctited I told Mom, Dad and everyone I knew about my new discovery.
And as shit happens everyone told me it was stupid and meh and that I'm a woman and I can't be a soldier. That it's stupid. Well I'll tell you what is stupid. Telling someone this.

Fortunatly I am the kind on of person who works harder when thez get underestimated. Boom. Here I am. I got all my papers sent and also visited the recrutation center. Now all I am waiting for are doctor check-ups and I'm free to go try my luck with exams.

Anyways. My point of this whole crazyass text is, that y'all who ever hear something like you 'ain't enough', 'you can't' and other stuff, don't ignore it but don't cry about it and don't let it take your dream away. Because you make your own life not someone else. So pick yourself up and do what you want to do, what you are scared to do and what you were told you can't do beause you are too young or too small. There are people that believe in you. Trust me.

Yours sincerely
Attic Monster