July 2017

Le Linge

18. july 2017 at 20:09 | Attic Monster

Le Linge

Since I am a big fan of war history and the military in general I decided to write a few articles about places I visited. I was on a vacation in noth France and as most of you probably know it was a war zone in certain periods of time.

I'll start with a place that became my first visit.

Le Linge is a memorial in the Vosges reminding World War 1. There is an indoor museum where we can find an exhibition leading us through the war. How it began, what weapons were used, uniform types, animals during WW1, medics, how trenches worked etc...
Then there is an outdoor part made from trenches. There are 3 types of trails you can follow. Blue, red and black. Colors depend on how hard and long the trail is. You can either walk around or hop in the trench and explore from inside.You may only visit the German part since the French is not cleared out and is a danger of explosives. But even without the French side open the walk through the trenches will take you alot of time. If you really want to visit every bunker you run into prepare about 2 hours of time.


I won't get much into details since I don't have 10 hours of time but I will try to make a long story short.
Le Linge is a hill. That means in 1914 it became a tactical spot for both sides. (Fun fact: When the trenches were built all villagers from the area were suppose to help build the trenches. There are photographs showing children digging new trenches.) This hill became a huge blood bath especially between July and October 1915 when about 10 000 soldiers died. 17 battalions had up to 80% of men fallen.
12th October 1915 the Germans used flame-throwers and gas for the first time in history. But even with help from these new weapons 16th October Germans attempted their last attack that was pushed back.

''VIVE LA FRANCE!'' - captain Joly when he was shot (killed in action; Le Linge)

Bodies of soldiers are still being found through years directly on the Le Linge battlefield and around the whole area (several military cemeteries are all over the place. French - white crosses, German - dark crosses).

Many of them who fought for their country maybe still weren't found but they are never forgotten.

I guess that's about it for this article. If you ever have a way to France I really recommend visiting this place. It's surely worth it.