Do I look good enough?

4. june 2017 at 17:27 | Attic Monster |  My thoughts
Do I look good enough? Or am I even enough?

So even though this has nothing to do with anything on this blog so far.
I was just thinking today why are so many people jealous and don't have self-confidence.

Now. Listen. If you are a person that thinks they aren't enough for whatever reason.
You are.
You are worth so much. And you are beautiful.
There will always be that one special person waiting for you. You will always be perfection for them.
Your smile, laugh, voice, moves..You might feel the are ugly, clumsy, crooked..But for someone out there you are so fucking beautiful.

There is this guy i really like, you know. He has no self-confidence. He is the most handsome dude I ever met. I could just leave my eyes on him forever. But he is always telling me he is ugly.
If only he could see himself through my eyes. He would understand why my heart melts when I see him smile, hear him sing or laugh. He's just perfect to me.

Self-confidence is very important. And honestly? It is really attractive.
So look up and don't let your crown fall off.

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