June 2017

Reminding me

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Hope you enjoy!

Paris - Second Day

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Second Day

What can be more lovely than waking up with your best friend in the middle of Paris, knowing you will see something even more magical than you did.

I think very little things can beat it.

Today we are heading to Sacre-Coeur! How exciting isn't it. Also like a little bonus I did a kissing photo! Well..You know..People go to Paris for their honeymoons and stuff. I NEEDED a kissing photo. (Also because of him lol).

Anyways. Our way to Sacre-Coeur went okay. We took the subway and the way to that place was absolutly magical.
The view from the top was astonishing. We had to wait a while to get in but it was totally worth it. Inside I llighted a little candle and prayed a bit. Outside of the cathedral were two guys that were singing and it was so dope.

Then we made our way to the Pere-Lachaise cemetary. It was a huge, and when I say huge I mean HUGE, place. So quiet and to so mystical. We found for example my big idol Edith Piaf.

After that we had a lovely lunch and a sip of super tasty wine. (It should be called food porn because it definitely was!) Then we tried to find one place with one picture but they sadly repainted it. Wandering the lonely streets we bumped into this:

After that we found a typical french bookstore and OH MY GOD! Duuude if you are a bookworm you need to visit places like these. It's just ugh...Yeah..you have to try yourself.

After that our steps lead us to Place de la Bastille but sadly it was under reconstruction so we didn't see anything.

Our last stop for this day was Louvre. I really wanted a Pandora charm with the Eiffel tower so I emptied my wallet and got it. Pure happiness.

Walking to our apartment..this is how our second day ends...

Favorite part of loving you

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Got another song for you guys!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do <3

Do I look good enough?

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Do I look good enough? Or am I even enough?

So even though this has nothing to do with anything on this blog so far.
I was just thinking today why are so many people jealous and don't have self-confidence.

Now. Listen. If you are a person that thinks they aren't enough for whatever reason.
You are.
You are worth so much. And you are beautiful.
There will always be that one special person waiting for you. You will always be perfection for them.
Your smile, laugh, voice, moves..You might feel the are ugly, clumsy, crooked..But for someone out there you are so fucking beautiful.

There is this guy i really like, you know. He has no self-confidence. He is the most handsome dude I ever met. I could just leave my eyes on him forever. But he is always telling me he is ugly.
If only he could see himself through my eyes. He would understand why my heart melts when I see him smile, hear him sing or laugh. He's just perfect to me.

Self-confidence is very important. And honestly? It is really attractive.
So look up and don't let your crown fall off.