Paris - Preparing and leaving

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Preparing and leaving

Hello and welcome again.
Today I decided to write about my first trip I managed myself.
This chapter is going to be about why I decided to travel and see the world without my parents.

So. The idea of me traveling to Paris was probably born sometime before Christmas 2016. We were suppose to have super long holidays so me and my Brazilian friend decided we could do something together. Our first idea was traveling around Germany by train. Being on the road for a few days (5 or so). And that we could partly visit France, Blegium etc. I have to be honest with you guys. I really wanted to go to France that time because I was talking to someone special that lived in France. We were suppose to see each other many times but it never worked out so I decided to take things in my own hands and that's when I said: ''Let's go to Paris.''

In fact going to Paris was way cheaper than traveling around Germany. Sadly my friend said she's already been to Paris and she isn't sure if her Mum will let her. I still kinda didn't give up on my idea.

One night when we had a little girl gang party at my friend's house I ramdomly popped a question if someone wants to go to Paris with me. To my big surprise one chick started to be super excited and said yes! She texted her Mom right away and she said they will talk about it. The day after my friend texted me she's in and that we shou

ld start planning our trip!

I've never been happier. I was closer and closer to my dream. Closer to seeing someone that I unconditionally loved, visiting a country I never visited before and going only with a friend! Without parents!

Me and my friend had a few ''sessions'' at my place where we planned absolutly everything. From flight tickets to trips. We had a few troubles with tickets because we both were under 18, but it ended

up all okay. We had so much fun planning our trips. We had too see every museum and stuff. Without knowing how big Paris actually is. So between everything I went home to Prague for Christmas. The person I was suppose to see there told me 3 days before we flew there that he ain't coming. It kinda broke my heart and I started thinking about not going at all.

But. I did. 3rd January 2017 I left Prague and hopped on a bus heading to Nürnberg. I literally just dropped
off a few things a had in my suitcase and repacked something new to Paris. I was so excited. I said a quick bye to my host German family and was on my way to my friends house.
I went to bed very early because we had to wake up even earlier (aprox. 3:15 AM).

Happy and not even tired we headed to the airport at 4 AM. All went well. As always I had to take my Doc's off (probably can smuggle drugs in them or idk).

On board we sat together and had a typical girly chat because we didn't see each other for 10 days and I missed out her B-day party. So I wanted to know everything.

We took a few pictures and were just too excited.

Then the plane took off. Of to Paris.

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