Paris - Arrival and the first day

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Arrival and the first day
Dear reader,
I am very pleased to welcome you to the second part of my trip to Paris.

We landed.
In Paris. Chales de Gaulle airport.
Our first thought's were like: 'Oh sh*t!' and 'We made it!'
So when we got off the plane we headed searching for the train that was suppose to take us to Paris. When we found out our train goes in about 45 minutes we were a bit bummed. But we went to buy the tickets and we were damn happy that the train didn't go in a few minutes! Buying tickets was hell. We probably even bought the bad ones. But that doesn't matter anymore. After buying all what we needed we just sat for a while near the station. We werevery surprised that there are soldiers everywhere. And when I say everywhere I mean everywhere.

We decided to go to the train station a bit earlier than the train was suppose to arrive. Because you know. Nervosity. They have these special entrences to the stations. You really have to have a ticket to get in. Anyways. Our train arrived and we hopped on. It was very empty.
And bam. The train was on it's way to Paris.

My friend was a bit sleepy so she crashed. I was listening to music and watching the world run behind the window. I saw many people, buildings, cars...It was something strangely magical to watch. I was thinking about that one person that I was suppose to meet but I won't.

The closer we were to Paris the more people were on the train. We started to have a bit of a problem with out suitcases ' others. Anyways. We got off the train on ''Chatelet - Les Halles'' I think. Then we tried to find the subway and we succeeded. Horrified how many lines they've got we got on the train and were heading to the station ''Bir Hakeim''. During the route we saw the Eiffel tower for the first time! That happiness! Anyways. We got off on ''Bir Hakeim'' and I felt like in a dream. Just the thoughts about 'him' were back. Thanks God I was too excited to get sad. We marched to the tower so quick. We were literally like: ''OH MY GOD!'' Like normal teenagers and tourists we took a milion photos eve though we still had 4 days and we stayed right next to it.

After finding our apartment and getting all our stuff unpacked we rested for a bit. In fact it was about 8 AM. For this day we had so much planned!

At 9 PM or so we decided to go out. We went to the Musée de l'Armée. I, as a military freak, was so excited. I love military history and like a cherry French have the French foreign legion (If you want to know more click here: French foreign legion).

Our way to the museum was full of laughs, talking and taking photos. Paris was just so magical for us. We felt like in Wonderland. When we got to the museum we got checked and heading to the cashier some soldier dudes started winking at us as shouting. We just laughed and waved at them. When we were getting the tickets it was something terrible. French don't speak English! At all! Such a pain in the butt. Anyways. Tickets were for free and we headed to explore the place.

It was a beauitiful palace. Sadly most of it was under reconstruction. We went through all the parts of the museum. What didn't undestand though was why the hell (?!) was everything only in French! Like why. I don't think most of the visitors understand French. Besides that the visit was great! I loved it.

After the museum we went to see the Arc de Triomphe. We just checked it out from 'outside' and got back to our apartment because we had to go shopping. After that and dinner, we decided to do to the Arc again. It was aprox. 6 PM so it was already dark. This majestic building was all light up and looked stunning. We got up after climbing a bilion stairs. But the view. The view was so worth it.

I'm telling you. You might see many beautiful cities. But Paris during night from Arc de Triomphe is something you won't forget very fast. I was just standing there. Stunned. Watching all those lights, all that life, love, night...I was so sad. So so sad and so happy at once. He made me come here. He made me see all of this. But he wasn't here. I was seeing this alone without holding his hand. My friend came to me telling me all is okay. Life goes on. And she was right. It does.

After taking a few pictures and staying a while in the streets to catch some internet we went to our apartment.

The first day in Paris just ended for us. It was a magical day full of emotions.

It was unforgettable.


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