May 2017

Were you the right person?

29. may 2017 at 16:45 | Attic Monster |  Quotes
I asked him: "Were you the right person
at a wrong time? Or the
wrong person at the right time?"

He says: "We only met so that
we could change each other;
We weren't supposed to last."

Paris - Arrival and the first day

27. may 2017 at 23:40 | Attic Monster |  Traveling


Arrival and the first day
Dear reader,
I am very pleased to welcome you to the second part of my trip to Paris.

We landed.
In Paris. Chales de Gaulle airport.
Our first thought's were like: 'Oh sh*t!' and 'We made it!'
So when we got off the plane we headed searching for the train that was suppose to take us to Paris. When we found out our train goes in about 45 minutes we were a bit bummed. But we went to buy the tickets and we were damn happy that the train didn't go in a few minutes! Buying tickets was hell. We probably even bought the bad ones. But that doesn't matter anymore. After buying all what we needed we just sat for a while near the station. We werevery surprised that there are soldiers everywhere. And when I say everywhere I mean everywhere.

We decided to go to the train station a bit earlier than the train was suppose to arrive. Because you know. Nervosity. They have these special entrences to the stations. You really have to have a ticket to get in. Anyways. Our train arrived and we hopped on. It was very empty.
And bam. The train was on it's way to Paris.

My friend was a bit sleepy so she crashed. I was listening to music and watching the world run behind the window. I saw many people, buildings, cars...It was something strangely magical to watch. I was thinking about that one person that I was suppose to meet but I won't.

The closer we were to Paris the more people were on the train. We started to have a bit of a problem with out suitcases ' others. Anyways. We got off the train on ''Chatelet - Les Halles'' I think. Then we tried to find the subway and we succeeded. Horrified how many lines they've got we got on the train and were heading to the station ''Bir Hakeim''. During the route we saw the Eiffel tower for the first time! That happiness! Anyways. We got off on ''Bir Hakeim'' and I felt like in a dream. Just the thoughts about 'him' were back. Thanks God I was too excited to get sad. We marched to the tower so quick. We were literally like: ''OH MY GOD!'' Like normal teenagers and tourists we took a milion photos eve though we still had 4 days and we stayed right next to it.

After finding our apartment and getting all our stuff unpacked we rested for a bit. In fact it was about 8 AM. For this day we had so much planned!

At 9 PM or so we decided to go out. We went to the Musée de l'Armée. I, as a military freak, was so excited. I love military history and like a cherry French have the French foreign legion (If you want to know more click here: French foreign legion).

Our way to the museum was full of laughs, talking and taking photos. Paris was just so magical for us. We felt like in Wonderland. When we got to the museum we got checked and heading to the cashier some soldier dudes started winking at us as shouting. We just laughed and waved at them. When we were getting the tickets it was something terrible. French don't speak English! At all! Such a pain in the butt. Anyways. Tickets were for free and we headed to explore the place.

It was a beauitiful palace. Sadly most of it was under reconstruction. We went through all the parts of the museum. What didn't undestand though was why the hell (?!) was everything only in French! Like why. I don't think most of the visitors understand French. Besides that the visit was great! I loved it.

After the museum we went to see the Arc de Triomphe. We just checked it out from 'outside' and got back to our apartment because we had to go shopping. After that and dinner, we decided to do to the Arc again. It was aprox. 6 PM so it was already dark. This majestic building was all light up and looked stunning. We got up after climbing a bilion stairs. But the view. The view was so worth it.

I'm telling you. You might see many beautiful cities. But Paris during night from Arc de Triomphe is something you won't forget very fast. I was just standing there. Stunned. Watching all those lights, all that life, love, night...I was so sad. So so sad and so happy at once. He made me come here. He made me see all of this. But he wasn't here. I was seeing this alone without holding his hand. My friend came to me telling me all is okay. Life goes on. And she was right. It does.

After taking a few pictures and staying a while in the streets to catch some internet we went to our apartment.

The first day in Paris just ended for us. It was a magical day full of emotions.

It was unforgettable.

Do not fall in love

24. may 2017 at 19:19 | Attic Monster |  Quotes
Do not fall in love with people like me

Do not fall in love with people like me.
I will take you to museums, and parks, and monuments,
and kiss you in every beautiful place, so that you can
never go back to them without tasting me like blood in your mouth.

I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave,
you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.

Caitlyn Siehl

Paris - Preparing and leaving

21. may 2017 at 17:08 | Attic Monster |  Traveling


Preparing and leaving

Hello and welcome again.
Today I decided to write about my first trip I managed myself.
This chapter is going to be about why I decided to travel and see the world without my parents.

So. The idea of me traveling to Paris was probably born sometime before Christmas 2016. We were suppose to have super long holidays so me and my Brazilian friend decided we could do something together. Our first idea was traveling around Germany by train. Being on the road for a few days (5 or so). And that we could partly visit France, Blegium etc. I have to be honest with you guys. I really wanted to go to France that time because I was talking to someone special that lived in France. We were suppose to see each other many times but it never worked out so I decided to take things in my own hands and that's when I said: ''Let's go to Paris.''

In fact going to Paris was way cheaper than traveling around Germany. Sadly my friend said she's already been to Paris and she isn't sure if her Mum will let her. I still kinda didn't give up on my idea.

One night when we had a little girl gang party at my friend's house I ramdomly popped a question if someone wants to go to Paris with me. To my big surprise one chick started to be super excited and said yes! She texted her Mom right away and she said they will talk about it. The day after my friend texted me she's in and that we shou

ld start planning our trip!

I've never been happier. I was closer and closer to my dream. Closer to seeing someone that I unconditionally loved, visiting a country I never visited before and going only with a friend! Without parents!

Me and my friend had a few ''sessions'' at my place where we planned absolutly everything. From flight tickets to trips. We had a few troubles with tickets because we both were under 18, but it ended

up all okay. We had so much fun planning our trips. We had too see every museum and stuff. Without knowing how big Paris actually is. So between everything I went home to Prague for Christmas. The person I was suppose to see there told me 3 days before we flew there that he ain't coming. It kinda broke my heart and I started thinking about not going at all.

But. I did. 3rd January 2017 I left Prague and hopped on a bus heading to Nürnberg. I literally just dropped
off a few things a had in my suitcase and repacked something new to Paris. I was so excited. I said a quick bye to my host German family and was on my way to my friends house.
I went to bed very early because we had to wake up even earlier (aprox. 3:15 AM).

Happy and not even tired we headed to the airport at 4 AM. All went well. As always I had to take my Doc's off (probably can smuggle drugs in them or idk).

On board we sat together and had a typical girly chat because we didn't see each other for 10 days and I missed out her B-day party. So I wanted to know everything.

We took a few pictures and were just too excited.

Then the plane took off. Of to Paris.

I Found

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I decided to do a section with music. I'll appreciate any requests for songs that can be posted and shared here!
So here's the first one! Hope you enjoy.

Nothing Lasts Forever

20. may 2017 at 10:49 | Attic Monster |  Quotes
Nothing lasts forever - Seneca

Nothing lasts forever,
few things even last for long:
all are susceptible of decay in one way or another;
moreover all that begins also ends.


19. may 2017 at 15:28 | Attic Monster |  Czech republic
So I was thinking what could be an interesting topic for today's article. And yes. I thought about graduation.

I got the idea to write about it because it's kinda a hot topic lately. Everyone in Czechia is graduating and I realized not everywhere it is the same.

Maybe I should first explain how the school system works here. Long story short. We go to primary school when we are 6 years old. The primary education is 9 years in total but you don't have to spend the whole time at primary school. You can sign up for a ''high school" (it's called a Gymnasium) when you are in 5th, 7th or 9th grade. Gymnasiums from 5th grade are 8 years, from 7th it's 6 and 9th it's 4.
From 9th grade you can also go to a real high school. They have some kind of specialization. That means when you finish the school you are already something (you have experience in your branch). On the other hand after ending a Gymnasium you are kinda nothing. You are expected to go to a University.

I personally go to a Gymnasium so I will talk about graduation there. But to be honest the Gymnasist and High school graduation doesn't vary much.

What do we have to graduate from?
Basically we have to graduate at least from 4 subjects (it can differ but minimum is 4 for everyone). We have two kinds of graduation. One is called the ''state'' graduation the other ''school'' graduation.
State graduation is from Czech language and math/foreign language (you can choose) and it means the whole Czech republic, every single school, has the same exams.
School graduation means the school makes the tests by themselves. You can graduate from whatever you want to graduate except things you already graduated from.

Czech has 3 parts. Writting part (you get a topic and you write an essay), didactic test (grammar) and oral exams.
Writting and didactic are both a surprise for everyone till the day you enter the exam room.
Yet the oral exams are pretty clear. You have to read 20 different books that you pick from a list of books that your school gives you. From every part that's on the list you have to pick a certain amount of books. After you read them, you hand in a list of your 20 books you chose to graduate from.
When your oral exam comes you go in the room where are 5 teachers (2 that test you - your Czech language teacher and another one that also teaches this subject; your class teacher; one random teacher that just has to be there and one from a different school), you go and randomly pull out a number and under thar number is one book from the 20 you picked. You are given a work sheet with a text from the book and questions. You have 15 minutes to write down everything you need and then you are questioned.
They will ask you about the composition of the book, how it's written etc., the author, who are the main characters and what kind of people they are. They also want to know in what section was the part of text you had in your work sheet from. You are questioned for 15 minutes.

State foreign language
Let's take English like an example. You first do exams if you are able to graduate. If you pass them you write an essay (200-250 words) about the topic you are given. Then you have an oral exam. You randomly pull out a number and there is one topic you have to talk about 5 minutes.

Other subjects
Other subjects are made up only from oral exams. You pick a number and you are questioned for 15 minutes as usual.

What if I fail?
If you fail any part of graduation you have to do the whole graduation in September again. That means if you mess up oral's in Czech but the rest you passed very good, you still have to do the whole thing again (writting, didactic and oral).
If you somehow mess up again, you have to repeat the whole year and try again. Graduating for the 3rd time is your last chance.

Successful graduation?
Congatulations then! Now you ended High School/Gymnasium and University is waiting for you!

I hope you found out something interesting here and that now you know how graduating in Czech republic works! I personally graduate next year so there will sure be one more article on this topic for sure.

Have a great day.

Attic Monster xx

Hello and Welcome

18. may 2017 at 17:46 | Attic Monster |  Basic information
Dear reader,

I am very happy to welcome you here on my page. Don't worry. This blog isn't about anything apocalyptical! It's a blog full of my thoughts, pictures, trips, poems and ordinary stuff.

You are probably asking yourself, why did I name my blog ''World's End''. I names it after one of the most beautiful places you can visit. You will find an article on it here for sure.

I think I should tell y'all something about myself. I'm a normal girl living in Czech republic with many interests. For example my big passion is horse riding and horses. Because they are just beautiful, faithful and amazing. I love music. Singing, playing musical instruments or just listening to it. And to reveal what kind of music is my's probably 70's, 80's and 90's rock (my favorite band is Journey - if you don't know them you should definitly check them out! Here's a link to one of their best songs: ). So besides horses and music I love traveling (so be ready for many reviews!). Also like reading, poetry and quotes.

I guess that's all for now. You know the basic information and now you can dive into my World's End and enjoy. xx

PS.: If you have any questions or requests don't hesitate to comment!